The Alpha Omega Group                    Senior Program Manager                    March 2003- Present

Operation HOPE (HCA)                     Small Business Program Manager      September 2013- December 2015

JCCEO                                               Case Manager                                     March 2010- March 2012

Internal Revenue Service                   Legal Secretary                                   March 2008- November 2008

Jefferson County (WIA)

          Workforce Development          Human Resource Planner                    June 2006- October 2007


          Law Office                               Legal Secretary                                     December 2005- June 2006

FEMA (TeleTech Government Solutions, LLC.)  Disaster Relief Supervisor                     September 2005-December 2005

BIRMINGHAM CITY COUNCIL        Councilor Assistant                                 July 2004 to March 2005

VETERAN’S AFFAIRS                     Benefits Coordinator                                November 2001 to July 2004​



As a Manager, Program Developer, Supervisor and/or Project Manager displayed the ability to work independently.  As a proficient manager who has directed and managed up to 25 professionals, as well as maintained human resources records. Developed and/or refined programs to improve the impact of an organization. 

Over 20 years of community development and/or community service experience, I have successfully maintained relationships with other social service agencies.  Held public meetings with government officials, community leaders, special interest group and the public.   Formulated, developed and/or addressed issues regarding land use, transportation, conservation, housing and/or community development plans.  To foster the needs of the community through program development, fund development and public relations, providing support and guidance that they need to become sustainable living communities. 

Gained over 17 years of experience of deciphering the Federal Rules and Regulations for several different federal programs.  Prepared 2 (two) comprehensive training outlines that dissected the guidelines, rules and regulations.  The training materials were clear, concise and detailed and convey highly technical matter that could be vital to GRANT WRITING and/or grant reporting process. Prepare detailed written reports and regulations on the program guidelines.

Reduce the error rate of the lowest performing program partner by 30%.  Developed training for all case managers supported to ensure the cases submitted were in compliance with the Federal Regulations.  Tripled job placement rate on a low performing grant, by successfully orchestrated and executed job fairs, which built long lasting relationships with local employers and reducing the eligibility error rate by 85% 

Ability to articulate has been vital to my success and proven to be an asset in developing relationships.  Over 13 years of experience given presentations based of the Federal Government Regulations to various audience anticipating questions and objections, and addressing these issues in a through and favorable manner.

Motivated achiever who is recognized for combining program excellence, integrity and innovation to achieving immediate and long-term goals and objectives.  Developed a mentoring program to promote healthy living habits.  The goal of this program is to empower the community with the knowledge, skill and desire to become “HEALTHY PEOPLE”.

Skilled marketer who has planned and executed disaster preparedness workshops, entrepreneurial training, high-impact job fairs, interview sessions and specialized job readiness training to improve employment placement rate by 45%. Extensive knowledge of social media and communication techniques.  Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher)